An Accident Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Vehicle

An Accident Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Vehicle

Fix up your car after a bad crash

Getting into a car accident will probably ruin your week. Don't let it ruin your car, too. The talented technicians at The Bump Shop Auto Body Inc. can fix up vehicles at most levels of damage. Trust our crew with:

  • Front-end collision repair - we'll fix your grills, bumper, headlights and hood.
  • Rear-end collision repair - we'll make your bumper, trunk, taillights and fender look like new.
  • Dent repair - we'll make the obvious bumps and dents look smooth and perfect.
  • Scratch repair - we'll paint your car to make it shine and hide any unsightly scratches.

Plus, we'll work with your insurance company to make sure you pay the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost. Bring your vehicle by the shop as soon as possible for a free estimate on the repairs.

Expert workmanship from technicians who care

At The Bump Shop Auto Body, we're committed to quality. Our talented auto repair experts can fix any issues with the structure of your car quickly and with zero errors. Call us today to learn more about the frame and structure repair services we provide.