A New Paint Job Goes a Long Way

A New Paint Job Goes a Long Way

Brighten up your old or damaged car today

Make your car look bright, shiny and new even if you've had it for years. The Bump Shop Auto Body Inc. offers expert painting services for automobile owners. Whether you need to fix up a scratch or you're just bored of the color of your car, The pros at The Bump Shop Auto Body can make your vehicle look better than ever. Call us today to learn more.

3 things a new paint job can do for you

Bring your car to The Bump Shop Auto Body to have our auto experts:

  1. Cover up the spot where a dent was repaired
  2. Hide a few dings and scratches on your vehicle
  3. Make your car look brand-new

No matter why you need a paint job, our talented crew can do it for you perfectly. We focus on quality, and our fully computerized color matching system ensures that our paint will completely match your car. Call 217-223-8830 today to speak with an automotive painter about your needs.